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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 12, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is wjztv and baltimore. >> reporter: from the tee to the -- city to the counties to your neighborhoods, it's wjz maryland's news station. caught on tape a student accused of assaulting police officers during a university of
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maryland basketball. but the student says he was attacked and that this video proves it. hello, everybody. >> reporter: here's what people are talking about tonight. a video shot out of a dorm window is now the subject of an investigation. kelly mcpherson claims it you all started after the maryland duke basketball game. >> reporter: two students are claiming that they were wrongfully charge and claim that police viciously beat them with their night sticks. one of them has a video that he says supports that. a riot broke out in college park. >> there were some people pulling signs out and stuff. the cops were chasing us on horses. it was pretty wild. >> reporter: this video from that night shows an intense police beating. this is jack mckenna who was
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later charged with disorderly conduct. instead at least 3 prince george's county officers beat him. >> you have a person who has committed no crime who is completely defenseless and is beaten. >> reporter: another student was charged when he says he, too, was beaten. both students plan to sue the police department. >> i think if they were hurt in any way, i think they definitely should because i don't think the police had a right to act the way they did. >> reporter: happened in a busy area and the video was shot by a student who was watching from a dorm room. >> you can see nay he stops, he doesn't say a thing to the police and they jump him. >> reporter: the police says they have suspended one officer.
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>> i'm outraged, i'm disappointed. again that is not the type of professional conduct i condone here in the agency. that type of abuse will not be tolerated. >> reporter: the charges against both have been dropped. >> reporter: the police department has a group of officers that will investigate this matter and they will decide what should happen to the cops in the tape. all right, thank you very much, kelly. now the chief of police would not release the names of the officers suspended and does not know how many will be identified. jealousy appears to be the motive for a -- accused of setting a fire after she saw the father of her child with another woman. according to charging documents garcia screamed at her exsaying she was going to kill him. two other people were badly
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injured. breaking news out of annapolis tonight, calling for harsher penalties for sex offenders. ty jackson explains. >> reporter: about 40 votes confirmed. the majority is declared past. >> reporter: with that vote on the last day of the session the maryland -- laws against sexual predators. it follows the high profile of 11-year-old sarah fox well on the east shore allegedly killed by a registered sex offender. >> based upon the heart break that folks felt on the eastern shore. i guess all felt that. >> i do pray that this, you know, they can see the light and they can see this is the best thing for our children. >> reporter: the 2010 maryland legislative session comes to a
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close, yet some feel politics kept it from. >> i think it's dishonest. we don't serve the long term structural deficit. >> reporter: maryland is still facing a structural deficit, yet martin o'malley says he's confidently fix the problem. >> we're going to continue to make cuts until our economy comes back and then we'll have a new appreciation for what normal is. we have to do everything in our power to protect our priorities. >> reporter: you're looking live at the house live right now. lawmakers still have a number of things on the table. apparently they have reached a compromise on the amount of minimum mandatory sentence for monitoring sexual offenders. back to you on tv hill. thank you very much, chi. also developing tonight state
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senators vote to weaken the current ban on text messaging by lawing you to text while you're at a stop light. right now it is illegal to text at all right now. lawmakers have less than an hour to work out the differences. and the law that would have required ignition is dead tonight. over whether the alcohol limit should be -- or lower. how plans to solve the worst deficit in state's history. but new taxes and fees would be added including on parking and bottled drinks. 250 city workers may also be laid off but no word yet on which positions. the counsel must approve the final budget by june 25th. a dangerous gang was using
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a community outreach center as a front for their drug operations. 13 people, all accused members of the gorilla e known as coil, but was really orchestrating the heroin ring. tonight is suspending all funding to that center. a call for action tonight in waferly after a rash of violence playings the neighborhood. the community leaders say everyone needs to step up. >> reporter: two recent murders in the green mount area have police stepping up patrols and the police commissioner speaking out. >> it's frustrating to see the level of gang violence in that community. they are out there wandering along and drinking 40-ounce beer at 16 with no good mentoring and no positive support and they are left to their own devices and the evil in that neighborhood. >> reporter: one of the victims was a 72-year-old man killed
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while getting carry out. the robbery netted just $13. >> do you think this neighborhood is heading in the right direction? we are heading in the right direction. >> reporter: tells wjz there's a lot of positive growth but some residents need to do more. >> we have to stop talking about what need to be done and we have to get out and start doing. >> reporter: what is that. >> we have to go door to door, pull people out who usually don't come out and talk to them and let them now how they are responsible for what takes place in this community. >> i think there needs to be a bigger community of parenting and outreach. >> reporter: he and his girlfriend also glam blame government and the economy. >> i also think part of it is everybody needs work. >> and everyone needs employment and i think there will be less shootings and more community. >> reporter: police have not
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identified any suspects or made arrests in either murder. as are right now they are still reviewing surveillance from the area. and police believe two people may be connected to saturday's shooting. tonight in washington dc president obama held a working dinner for the leaders of all 47 nations attending the security summit. the president scored an early victory when the ukraine agreed to give up its nuclear weapons. the president vows to get it out in the next 4 years. president obama will not nominate hillary clinton to the supreme court. republican senator orin hatch mentioned it today. for the first time in the year and a half the dow closed
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above 11,000 today. showing investigators rising hopes about the economy. the s&p results and the nasdaq gained 4 points to close at 2458. a few gas stations in baltimore selling a gallon of regular for $2.83. stations are switching to the more expensive summer blend which is a cleaner burning fuel. >> reporter: well, they should not do that. just keep the winter blend. a new touch screen device will soon hit the marketplace. it's advantage -- its advantage over the. ben roethlisberger speaks out for the first time after being cleared of sexual charges. the emotion between phil mickelson and his wife on the
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golf course is undeniable. we'll speak with a local cancer survivor and get her reaction to that moment. after a stretch of sunshine we do have some rain returning to the area. we'll have all the details when eyewitness news returns. complete coverage continues with aneat coats, breaking news with jackson and sports with mark. it's wjzjz,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. it's 54 degrees, partly cloudy in central maryland right now. russian investigators say the plane crash that killed poland's president was likely caused by pilot error. the plane went down while trying to land in dense fog. the group was headed to the country for a memorial service for polish troops killed 75 years ago. the body is back in poland. the tennessee woman who put her 7-year-old son on a plane back to russia is refusing to talk to investigators tonight. she sent him back with a note saying she no longer wanted him because he has psychological problems. russia is threatening to suspend all adoptions to u.s.
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families. ben roethlisberger speaks. >> i would like to begin for expressing gratitude for the thorough investigation process no georgia and the prosecutor's decision not the press charges. i know without a doubt it was the right conclusion. roethlisberger apologized to his family, his teammates and his fans and says he promises to work to be a better man. roethlisberger is reportedly to meet with -- it's unclear if he'll face any sanctions. the controversy surrounding tiger woods, phil mickelson, the family's emotional story in tonight's tell watch. >> reporter: for the thousands
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of spectators at the masters and the millions watching at home, tears fell first between the golfer and his caddie. his wife amy is battling breast cancer and with this embrace, not a dry eye in sight. triumph helped overshadow another golfing family's troubles and his loving embrace will long be remembered for its tenderness. two time cancer survivor told me she was overcome with emotion watching it. >> here they were with this wonderful moment, him just glad to have her and crying to see this big guy with tears rolling down his face. and her being there. so you just had to say, oh my gosh. i understand it. i mean, i get it. >> reporter: and that emotional
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moment on the golf course between phil and amy may make it a little easier for men to show their feelings when their women are diagnosed with cancer. >> that pink ribbon said a lot about him. >> reporter: dr. freed man says amy mickelson is also a sign of hope for many women. >> reporter: the majority of women with breast cancer don't die from their breast cancer. >> reporter: mary bub ole a, eyewitness news. mickelson's mother has also been under going treatment for breast cancer and he took a significant amount of time off the tour to be with his wife and his mother. a new tell all book about oprah win free tells of another relationship, once dated
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musician john tesh who once -- tesh reports they dated while. a german company has plans to release its own touch screen electronic reader called the wii pad. so far 25,000 have ordered the device. it also offers a usb port which the i-pad doesn't have. the. today kentucky fried chicken premiered its new switch, the double down as it's called, two fried chicken fillets. i'm sorry, two slices of monterrey jack cheese, two slices of bakeon and a special sauce. you don't have bred, you have
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chicken. with extra chicken kfc says you don't need the bun. >> reporter: and bacon and cheese and the sauce. but no cashes. >> reporter: is that right? no carbs? >> this is what we have going on weather wise today. a beautiful wet out there. 71 degrees is where we stopped out. way above the average of 63 degrees. take a look out there. we have dropped con to 54: now the wind today was out of the north. that cold front did not have much to it and it is now down to our south where it stalled out. off to the northwest you see
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yet another front coming our way. with the front stalled out over us it's going to direct this next area of moisture our way. then the rain tomorrow. while this is happening the cold air is really going to get trapped in. however this isn't going to last all that long because this pattern starts to move again. the sunshine will break out in the afternoon. then on thursday as this warm front passes this area the warm air is going to return. so overall when we put it all together it looks like this for a forecast. tonight temperature wise we're going down into the 40s. partly to mostly cloudy. but tomorrow we only get to 53 degrees for our high with some rain around. then the rain is going to continue to tomorrow night. we start off with clue. temperatures will jump back up into the 60s.
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by thursday, though, here comes the warm air once again. we're up to 70 degrees and the chance for a few showers on saturday. thank you bernadette. coming up the orioles are stuck in a season run. next in sports. one that's backed by a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. and named a consumers digest best buy, two years in a row. discover malibu for yourself and see why over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. during the spring event, qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on this new malibu ls for around $199 a month. call for details.
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we don't want to be in a rut this early. >> reporter: it's clear their one big week miss and inability to score runs. the bird's batters face a tough pitcher from tampa bay. mat garza, here tonight at home, matt weighters, 8 strong innings allows just one orioles run. check out the tampa bay
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defense, chasing down a shot. crawford makes a highlight catch. crawford had an all around impressive night. 4 hits for crawford who outscored the overrule orioles by himself. it's the 4th straight loss for the os. relegated to watching the games with an abdominal muscle strain. suffered the injury while sliding into 2nd base. >> obviously it is a major loss. we're going to have the pick up the pieces and fill in as best we can, you know, he is a very valuable to the club and you know the guy that sets his own offensively. >> reporter: justin turner was called up from norfolk and will help fill in.
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outdoor baseball in minnesota. the twins open their new ballpark today. joe mauer the twins version of -- helped the twins open with a win over the boston red sox. brings in a run. minnesota 6-2 record so far. tied for the best start in the league. the steelers sends tonio holmes to the new york jets. holmes is suspended for violation of the substance abuse policy. finally some basketball 45th. james said he didn't feel like talking to reporters so he was taken where king james was not in a cooperative mood.
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he's resting up for the playoff. >> reporter: how do you get a guy like that in there? >> reporter: he made it. >> reporter: he made it. a robot that folds your ,,,,
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. folding laundry is some people's worst task. the robot isn't for sale just yet, but engineers say within 10 years a robot i house made will be a reality. >> reporter: okay, every girl wants a one of a kind prom dress and a teen went the extra
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mile to insure her dress was special. she made her dress out of gum wrappers which she collected from family and friends. she said she got the idea of someone that had made a dress someone that had made a dress out of duct tap,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. the next the tom hanks, thanks for watching eyewitness news, maryland's news station. hope you have a good night.


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